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  GMAT是全英文考试,因此我们总会想当然地认为母语是英语的人备考会更加容易。但是来自克兰菲尔德管理学院的乌拉圭籍校友Mariana Zecca用她的成功经验告诉我们,这并不是一个定论,甚至相对来说,英语不是母语的人反而更具优势。请看:

  1 规范的语法习惯


  2 笨鸟先飞心态下的练习状态。



  Submitted by Mariana Zecca, Full-time MBA student at Cranfield University School of Management

  I was born and raised in Uruguay and developed my career mostly in my country. I have a BSc in Management with a major in Human Resources. I specialized in the financial industry and I have additional expertise in the energy industry.

  Applying for a top MBA when you come from a small country could be quite overwhelming in terms of the steps you have to take (GMAT, applications interviews, etc.), but with courage, determination and persistence, it is totally possible to be accepted to a top MBA program. And after seven months in Cranfield, I can say, it's totally worth the effort!

  Dream career: Work for an international organisation like the World Bank or United Nations in sustainable finance for emerging economies.

  Why business school? At that point of my career I wanted to do an MBA, not only to boost my career development, but also to develop my leadership skills and Cranfield's program united all the conditions I required: a combination of very strong academic modules and the focus on developing top leaders (in addition to a great reputation).

  Best GMAT study tip? Before start studying the different GMAT sections, make sure you understand the test dynamics. To understand how an adaptive test works and that the test is not only to know the topics, but also about having a strategy to tackle GMAT.

  Before business school, I was: For the last six years (before coming to Cranfield), I worked as a Relationship Manager for Lloyds Bank in Uruguay, mostly working with international and regional clients.

  When I’m not in class, you’ll find me: In the gym or hanging out with my family and friends.

  Advice for anyone thinking about b-school? Do your research and find a MBA program that actually suits you. Not only on the academic modules but also in the lessons you might get from outside of the lecture room. The MBA is much more that lectures and assessments. It’s an experience that is going to change your life and that is why choosing the correct business school for you is so important.

  My remedy for pre-test nerves: Remember that the exam is exactly the same as the mocks you took. No more, no less. In my mind that meant that if I could do it during my mocks, I could do it just as well in the actual exam.

  On the day before your exam, you should: Have a good night's sleep, eat properly, and if possible, don’t go through your GMAT notes.

  How did you fit studying for the GMAT exam into your busy schedule? I scheduled two hours before going to work during working days and a few hours more to review during Saturday. Sunday I took the day off to avoid a possible burn out.

  How well-prepared for business school do you feel, after studying for the GMAT exam? The MBA program is very demanding in terms of timing and intensity. GMAT definitely helped me to build the stamina for coping with all my responsibilities in the MBA and also to be able to handle my levels of stress.


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