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  5. The cost of the average computer logic device is falling at the rate of 25 percent per year, and the cost of the average computer memory device at the rate of 40 percent per year. It can be concluded that if these ratess of cost decline remain constant for a period of three years, at the end of that time the cost of the average computer memory device will have declined by a greater amount than the cost of the average computer logic device.5.

  Accurate information about which of the following would be most useful in evaluating the correctness of the conclusion above?

  (A) The number of logic devices and memory devices projected to be purchased during the next three years

  (B) The actual prices charged for the average computer logic device and the average computer memory device

  (C) The compatibility of different manufacturers' logic devices and memory devices

  (D) The relative durability of logic devices and memory devices

  (E) The average number of logic devices and memory devices needed for an average computer system

  6. The population of peregrine falcons declined rapidly during the 1950's and 1960's and reached an all-time low in the early 1970's. The decline was attributed by scientists to the widespread use of the pesticide DDT in rural areas.

  Which of the following, if true, gives the strongest support to the scientits claim?

  (A) DDT was not generally in use in areas devoted to heavy industry.

  (B) In the time since the use of DDT was banned in 1972, the population of peregrine falcons has been steadily increasing. (C) Peregrine falcons, like other birds of prey, abandon eggs that have fallen out of the nest, even if the eggs remain intact.

  (D) Starlings, house sparrows, and blue jay-birds the peregrine falcon prey on-were not adversely affected by DDT in their habitats.

  (E) Other birds of prey, such as the osprey, the bald eagle, and the brown pelican, are found in the same areas as is the peregrine falcon.


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