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  例:Traditionally, the first firm to commercialize anew technology has benefited from the unique opportunity to shape productdefinitions, forcing followers to adapt to a standard or invest in an unprovenalternative. Today, however, the largest payoffs may go to companies that leadin developing integrated approaches for successful mass production anddistribution. Producers of the Beta format for videocassette recorders(VCR’s),for example, were first to develop the VCR commercially in 1975, but producersof the rival VHS (Video Home System) format proved to be more successful at formingstrategic alliances with other producers and distributors to manufacture andmarket their VCR format Seeking to maintain exclusive control over VCRdistribution. Beta producers were reluctant to form such alliances andeventually lost ground to VHS in the competition for the global VCR market. DespiteBeta’s substantial technological head start and the fact that VHS was neithertechnically better nor cheaper than Beta, developers of VHS quickly turned aslight early lead in sales into a dominant position. Strategic alignments withproducers of prerecorded tapes reinforced the VHS advantage. The perceptionamong consumers that prerecorded tapes were more available in VHS formatfurther expanded VHS’s share of the market. By the end of the 1980’s. Beta wasno longer in production.

  99. The alignment ofproducers of VHS-format VCR’s with producers of prerecorded videotapes is mostsimilar to which of the following?

  (A) Thealignment of an automobile manufacturer with another automobile manufacturer toadopt a standard design for automobile engines.

  (B) Thealignment of an automobile manufacturer with an automotive glass companywhereby the manufacturer agrees to purchase automobile windshields only fromthat one glass company

  (C) Thealignment of an automobile manufacturer with a petroleum company to ensure thewidespread availability of the fuel required by a new type of engine developedby the manufacturer.

  (D) Thealignment of an automobile manufacturer with its dealers to adopt a plan toimprove automobile design.

  (E) Thealignment of an automobile dealer with an automobile rental chain to adopt astrategy for an advertising campaign to promote a new type of automobile

  主要问题在于,原文的意思是tapes are more in VHS than that in BETA,即在tapes可以供给给VHS和BETA两种制式的情况下,但是由于战略联盟,tape支持VHS多一些,也就是更多的tapes使用VHS制式,以使得VHS制式的录像机有更多的tapes片源;C答案中fuel=tapes,new type ofengine=VHS,即tapes(fuel)支持VHS(engine),所以跟原文最符合;B答案windshields=tapes,automobile company=VHScompany,"the manufacturer agrees to purchase automobile windshields onlyfrom that one glass company"即等于说VHS(automobile company)支持tapes(windshields),跟原文恰好相反了。所以B错,C对。



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