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  Nowadays / In modern society / In modern times / At present / In the 2000s,

  By now 到目前为止 for the society for now

  in a technological age / in an era dominated by technology / the industrial and technological eras

  in the information era / In todays’s business world

  many modern-day public servants / the power of the modern-era business leader / modern business leader

  During that time frame


  Opponent VS Proponent = advocate

  Oppose / be against / Protest抗议

  Objection = disapproval = dissent from objective = purpose = goal = aim= target

  Prospect prospective= promising perspective =view

  crucial / pivotal / vital / important = essential

  on account of (由于) / by virtue of (依靠凭借) / Due to / because of + 短语

  In that / since / as / because / on grounds that / + 句子

  Suffer = be exposed to = subject to = encounter

  do harm to = jeopardize = disturb impose 强迫 = compel 使不得不

  benefit = beneficial = profit from = be good for (health )

  Look to / Achieve/ reach to / accomplish / pursue its profits

  employ = take advantage of

  interference 干预 =hinder = obstruct inhibit = impede = hamper = confine =curb

  supplant = displace= supersede = substitute for

  further vt 促成 facilitate = assist 促进,使容易,减轻困难

  invariably = always (always invariably)

  eventually = ultimately = inevitably

  inculcate = instill again and again反复灌输

  per se = substantially = in nature 本质上

  Obsolescent = outdated Adolescent = juvenile (delinquency) = young offenders

  Assume / embrace 接受 / shoulder / take on / undertake responsibility (obligation / duty / burden重负)

  Responsible for Obligatory 有义务的

  (Business would embrace responsibility for the impact of their activities on)

  in response to 对…作出回应

  Address / cope with / deal with / remedy problems, issues Course of action 一连串行动

  Compatible with / complementary / synergistic VS mutually exclusive alternatives

  far-reaching impact 影响深远的

  immersed in a busy and successful career


  In addition demonstrate Nevertheless 漏写 whereas environmentalist

  Arguement 错 argument 写多 implement

  Judgement = Judgment 这个没错

  Procedure passenger

  Conclude conclusion contend contention


  causal not casual dilemma not delimma


  The more we adhere to the law, the less likely are we to encounter any accidents, as + 句子 (因为)

  By making effort to achieve its short goals ... helps reduce …, thus/thereby leading to …

  In helping do sth., sb should do …在帮助… 方面 / 以帮助…

  To succeed, you should make out your long-term goal.

  No one can realize its long-term goal without winning its short goals.

  Sth will be adj. and not be able to do sth.

  If …had done …, …wouldn’t have done …

  The reason for this is that

  The fact that …doesn’t mean What the fact actually means is this :

  Gates, who by the nature of …, not by …, has transformed …

  not all laws are enacted this way

  is well suited for the society for now

  But this is not always so.

  Reflect …and in turn do effect …

  if they spend time on , it would undoubtedly reduce the time for working , and thus making a low efficiency.

  While = whereas (较强) 然而


  It is a thought- provoking statement that is being discussed here. 发人深思

  As time goes by

  The international situation is rather intricate 错综复杂

  Freedom can not be absolutely free. But this equality is not really equality.

  It is not a one-step way to go.

  what is beneficial of harmful to the environment

  will benefit the society and not harm the basic freedom

  pursues its profits , it should look to the goals beyond this

  The effective way, as far as I know, may be to limit …

  It is unwise to rely only on …

  an effectual method to preserve our nature

  Traditional teaching method is no longer an efficient way. An effective way of teaching

  To call a spade a spade. 实话实说

  A, coupled with B ….

  Not by choice but by necessity

  A and B are one and the same

  One takes precedence over the other

  all the activities will serve this pivotal goal even at the expense of the social benefit  损失社会利益的情况下




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