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  Which指代小结—by aeoluseros:


  1. 尽管A of B的结构,which没有就近修饰。

  561. One pervasive theory explains the introduction of breakfast cereals in the early 1900s as a result of the growing number of automobiles, which led to a decline in horse ownership and a subsequent grain glut; by persuading people to eat what had previously been horse feed, market equilibrium was restored.

  2. which不一定跳过插入语指代:

  462. Judge Lois Forer’s study asks why some litigants have a preferred status over others in the use of a public resource, the courts, which in theory are available to all but in fact are unequally distributed between rich and poor.

  3. 通过单复数判断which的所指:

  80. Changes in sea level result not only from changes in water temperature, which affect water density, but also from the melting of glaciers.

  44. The survival of coral colonies, which are composed of innumerable tiny polyps living in a symbiotic relationship with brilliantly colored algae, is being threatened, experts say, not only by pollutants such as agricultural runoff, oil slicks, and trash, but also by dropped anchors, probing divers, and global warming.

  173 (GWD-10-Q18) In analyzing campaign expenditures, the media have focused on the high costs and low ethics of campaign finance, but they have generally overlooked the cost of actually administering elections, which includes facilities, transport, printing, staffing, and technology.

  205. (GWD-9-Q17) Unlike most other mergers in the utility industry, which have been driven by the need to save money and extend companies’ service areas, the merger of the nation’s leading gas company and leading electric company is intended to create a huge network for marketing the utilities in question as states open their utility markets to competition.

  216. (GWD-13-1) Although she had been known as an effective legislator first in the Texas Senate and later in the United States House of Representatives, Barbara Jordan did not become a nationally recognized figure until 1974, when she participated in the hearings on the impeachment of President Richard Nixon, which were televised nationwide.

  4. 通过时态区别which的所指:

  488. Like the government that came before it, which set new records for growth, the new government has made laissez-faire capitalism its cornerstone.


  OG10-114: From the bark of the paper birch tree the Menomini crafted a canoe about twenty feet long and two feet wide, with small ribs and rails of cedar, which could carry four persons or eight hundred pounds of baggage yet was so light that a person could easily portage it around impeding rapids.




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